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Boris Yeltsin

*English Language World Premiere

By Mickaël de Oliveira
Translated by Maria Inês Marques
Directed by Elizabeth Dinkova
December 3-5

Portuguese playwright Mickaël de Oliveira’s provocative reimagining of Aeschylus’s The Oresteia; examines what would happen if Orestes has no reason to avenge his father. This world-premiere English-language production is an electrifying look at eroding moral codes that brings audiences face-to-face with the most terrifying and hilarious aspects of our contemporary, postcolonial culture.

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Salt Pepper Ketchup

By Josh Wilder
Directed by Al Heartley
January 14-16

In a gentrifying neighborhood in South Philadelphia, where the popular cuisine is chicken wings and fried rice, a new health foods co-op sparks tensions between residents. Mr. Wu, the owner of Superstar Chinese Take-Out, fights to keep his store and family together as a wave of new neighbors threaten to turn the community he's feeding against him. This political comedy explores how food has come to define what we see as community and culture in an ever-evolving city.

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